Beeswax candles are a renewable all natural product created by the honey bee, with no additives or fillers and no paraffin from foreign oil - a "Green" form of candlelight elegance. Beeswax candles will fill your home with delicate honey scents and bright renewable candle light.

Unlike manufactured paraffin candles, beeswax is hypoallergenic, helpful for people with allergies or other sensitivities and for those of us who want an organic, clean-burning sootless candle in our homes. Beeswax is safe enough to eat, it's also used in cosmetics.



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Our bees produce distinct flower crops each season from a variety of the Wine Country's finest flowers such as lavender and apple blossom.  We carefully warm our honey and filter it to preserve this delicate aroma and healthy enzymes that can be destroyed by commercial processing.  Unlike commercial petroleum byproduct candles that produce unhealthy fumes, our candles are all cotton-wicked, 100% pure, highly filtered beeswax that has not been bleached.  Beeswax candles last much longer than commercial candles and without all the toxins! This is truly a sustainable product unlike parifin that comes from the petroleum industry.

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